MacKenzie Phillips Pleads Guilty To Drug Possession

Former star actress Mackenzie Phillips of the popular ’70’s TV show “One Day At A Time” pled guilty to cocaine possession charges in Los Angeles this past week and will enter drug treatment. Phillips is the daughter of the legendary founder of the Mamas & The Papas, the late John Phillips, who had his own serious struggles with drug usage, contributing to his untimely death. The Los Angeles district attorney’s office stated that two counts of heroin possession were dismissed, and Ms. Phillips was ordered to finish an 18 month program. Apparently, this is now Phillips 10th stint in drug rehabilitation.

The 48 year old actress was arrested on August 27th at Los Angeles International Airport after police found small amounts of drugs during a security check.

Under the New York Penal Law, had Ms. Phillips been charged in New York with criminal possession of a controlled substance, the penalties range from a Class A-1 felony charge for possession of 8 ounces or more, down to a misdemeanor for the lowest level possession charge (for instance, possession of one joint of marijuana).

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