Former NBA Star Mookie Blaylock Charged In Fatal Crash

Mookie Blaylock, the former NBA star point guard, has been charged with 2nd degree vehicular homicide charges as the result of a May 31, 2013 fatal car crash. Blaylock’s SUV apparently crossed a median in Jonesboro, Georgia and struck a van on the opposite side of the road. In the accident, 43 year old Monica Murphy, a passenger in the other vehicle, was killed, and her husband, Frankie, who was driving the vehicle, sustained a broken ankle and was released from the hospital thereafter. The Murphy family had recently moved from Mississippi to Georgia, and have five children, ages 3-15.

In addition to the vehicular homicide charges, which are felonies, Mr. Blaylock is charged with the misdemeanor of driving with a suspended license, and traffic infractions including an improper lane change, crossing the median, and driving on the wrong side of the roadway. Generally, these traffic infractions result in a fine and possible points on the driver’s license, but obviously they pale in comparison to the homicide charges Blaylock is facing.

Blaylock is 46 years of age and allegedly has been charged previously with operating a car with a suspended license. Under Georgia law, the suspended license charge could be upgraded to a felony if Blaylock has had four charges in five years.

Blaylock was critically injured in the accident and was initially placed on life support. His condition has been upgraded to serious. He has not yet spoken with Jonesboro Police investigators, and since he has been charged with vehicular homicide, it is not likely that he will do so anytime soon. In conjunction with the seriousness of the charges that Mr. Blaylock is facing, he has retained the same lawyers to defend him who successfully defended former Baltimore Ravens star Ray Lewis on manslaughter charges in 2000. Ultimately, Lewis pled guilty to the much lesser charges of obstructing justice in that case, allowing him to save his career.

Mr. Blaylock’s family claims that he has a history of seizures and appears to be suggesting that his physical condition may have played a role in the accident. However, a spokesman for the prosecution stated that this would not have any impact on the charges against him. If Blaylock is convicted or pleads guilty to the homicide charges, he would likely face a jail term of one year, followed by a term of probation.

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