‘Wrestler” Actor Faces Federal Drug Charges In New York

Scott Siegel, who ironically portrayed a steroids dealer in the Oscar nominated movie “The Wrestler”, is facing federal drug charges in New York after leading federal and local authorities in a wild chase in his Cadillac Escalade through Eastchester this past Wednesday evening. Mr. Siegel allegedly rammed police cruisers, crashed through a wood fence and ran through the streets of Eastchester in an effort to avoid capture by DEA agents, who contacted local police to assist in the apprehension of Siegel. It is also alleged that Siegel managed to shake off a Westchester Task Force agent who had grabbed on to the passenger door, and drove straight at an other officer in an attempt to run the officer down.

Mr. Siegel is being charged with distribution of steroids, and assaulting a federal officer, both of which are felonies under state and federal law. Federal agents claimed that they recovered 1,500 bottles of steroids and $150,000 in cash at Siegel’s parents’ home in New Rochelle.

Based on two prior convictions for illegal drugs, as well as his attempt at flight, Siegel was denied bail by U.S. Magistrate Judge George Yanthis on February 19th, and was returned to the Westchester County jail.

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