New York Texting Ban Gets Tougher

Earlier this month, Governor Cuomo signed into law a much tougher ban on texting while driving, effective immediately. Previously, texting while driving was a secondary offense, meaning that a motorist would have to be pulled over for another infraction such as speeding or following too closely in order to be charged with texting while driving. Under the new statute, texting while driving is a primary violation, and the officer can issue a ticket without any other traffic infraction committed.

Penalties for texting while driving have been significantly strengthened as well, as a violator of the law will receive 3 points on his or her license. Fines with surcharges could reach as high as $230.00. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 16% of fatal car crashes in 2009 across the United States were due to distracted driving. Governor Cuomo was quoted as saying: The message today is those electronic devices and driving do not mix. Period.”

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