Maximum Jail Time In Putnam County Fatal DWI Case

In an update to our June 20, 2009 blog entitled “Putnam County Manslaughter Charge In Brewster DWI Crash”, Conses Garcia-Zacarias, the 35 year old illegal immigrant from Guatemala who pled guilty to two counts of New York vehicular homicide in the deaths of Lori Donahue and her 8 year old daughter Kayla, was sentenced to the maximum 8 1/2 to 25 years in state prison on January 13, 2010. Mr. Garcia-Zacarias had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of almost twice the legal limit of 0.08 when he drove his pickup truck on the wrong side of Main Street in Brewster and struck the mother and daughter as they were exiting the Seven Stars School of Performing Arts on Rt. 6. Reportedly, Mr. Garcia-Zacarias told a probation officer he was so intoxicated that he did not remember anything about the crash.

Mr. Garcia-Zacarias worked on numerous horse farms in the United States and was operating a Ford pickup truck owned by Valerie Renihan, a horse trainer who has claimed that Garcia-Zacarias did not have permission to operate the vehicle and stole the keys. However, neighbors near the Tonetta Lake Road house in Southeast where Garcia-Zacarias and several other men lived claimed that they would all frequently drive the vehicle. Clearly, if the Putnam County District Attorney’s Office had solid proof against Renihan, she would have been charged in this tragic case as well.

In sentencing Mr. Garcia-Zacarias to the maximum jail time under New York’s Penal Law, Judge James Rooney of the Putnam County Court stated to the defendant: ” Do not look to me for forgiveness…God may grant you mercy, but this Court will not.” After Garcia-Zacarias serves his prison term, he faces immediate removal (deportation) to his native Guatemala.

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