Cell Phone Infraction Now Adds Points To License

Those of us (and there are many out there) know that in the past, a New York traffic infraction for driving while speaking or texting on a cell phone involved a fine, but no points on your driver’s license. In the wake of the significant increase in distracted driving accidents, the days of no points are over. In an amendment to Vehicle & Traffic Law Section 1225-c effective today, February 16, 2011, if you are convicted of or plead guilty to driving while speaking on a cell phone, as well as texting while driving, you will now be assessed two points on your license in addition to paying the associated fines.

The fine for a cell phone violation is $100, along with a Court surcharge which can run as high as $85.00. The fine for a texting while driving infraction is $150.00. According to NYSDMV statistics, distracted driving is involved in one of five crashes in New York State.

11 points on a New York State driver’s license within an 18 month period leads to a suspension of the license.

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