Brancato Found Not Guilty In Bronx County Murder Trial

Lillo Brancato Jr., the 32 year old actor known for his roles in the movie “A Bronx Tale” and in the T.V. series the “Sopranos”, was found not guilty of a Bronx County second degree murder charge and weapons possession on December 22, 2008. Brancato was accused of felony murder in the December 10, 2005 fatal shooting of off duty police officer Daniel Enchautegui, who confronted Brancato and his friend Steve Armento as they were breaking in to the apartment of an alleged friend of Brancato’s to get drugs.

Officer Enchautegui, sleeping next door, was awakened by the breaking glass, and confronted Armento and Brancato. In the ensuing shootout, Armento shot Officer Enchautegui in the chest with a .357 caliber handgun, killing him. Armento was convicted of the first degree murder of Officer Enchautegui in a separate trial, and was sentenced earlier this month to life in prison without parole.

Brancato was convicted of attempted burglary, which is a Class C felony under the Penal Law of New York State, and carries a minimum sentence of 3 years. However, Brancato has been incarcerated since the shooting three years ago, and may get credit for time served. He is due in Court for sentencing by Judge Martin Marcus on January 9, 2009.

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